Zosha is such a gifted healer. Actually, her angelic presence is healing in and of itself, but to have a sound healing/massage session with her is truly a gift. I found myself transported into such a relaxed, trance-like state while she artfully played her sound healing instruments; I could feel every cell in my body joyously vibrating with pleasure, long after the session was over. As a bonus, her healing partner, Ramona, gave me such an incredible, tension-releasing, relaxing massage. Two dynamic healing modalities for the price of one.


I started attending Zosha’s guided imagery and sound healing class at We Love Yoga several months ago. I had yet to try a class like it before. I was pleasantly surprised by the calming effects of the imagery and sound healing. I felt refreshed and energized after the class and slept amazing that night. Zosha uses imagery to guide you to a place of deep relaxation and meditation. She then surrounds your body with sounds and scents. Focusing on just those senses really helped me to stay present and in my meditative state. I was able to set intentions for the week and practice daily meditation to keep my focus clear. I have since attended several of Zosha’s classes and am always pleased. She has a special gift in which her energy creates a safe and peaceful place to shift your own energy. Very powerful class!


Sound healing has been a blessing in all areas of my life, helping me create an inner balance that I have not experienced in other meditative practices. I’m blessed to share such a wonderful healing space with Zosha, she is a dynamic, gifted healer. Sound healing seems to touch every single cell in my body. I always leave a session feeling like I’m floating on air. Thank you, Zosha, for touching me with your spirit, your music, and your heart.


As someone who has been told I abuse my body, I have been used to waking up everyday with back pains. The day I went to Zosha, I had a really sore elbow and had been sick for a couple weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The setting was very calming, which was something I really needed to relax, being a store manager with a lot of pressure. The music is soothing and different sounds let you drift off to sleep. The large bowls that she placed on my chest gave a great vibrating sensation through my body I have not felt before. It was so relaxing and soothing that I fell asleep. The time flew by quickly. Zosha was so good it seemed as though she was creating sounds from different parts of the room all at the same time. When I left, I felt renewed and the pains from my elbow were gone. Thank you, Zosha!


Zosha in an excellent sound healer and helped take me to a place of Zen during an extremely busy work week. I was surprised how relaxing and comforting the sound healing and vibrations from the Tibet bowls and instruments were when Zosha played them on me during my massage, seeing as I come from a music background. I left the sound healing and massage feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. I’d recommend Zosha’s process to anyone in need of an escape!