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Zosha Womack is a Radiology Technologist, sound healer, and dancer. From a young age she was drawn to both traditional and modern medicine. She has worked in trauma centers for ten years combining her skills as a technician and her passion for meditation and breathing techniques. Under the direction of Fabien Maman at the Tama-Do academy, Zosha received her Tuning Fork certification. Under Maman’s tutelage Zosha discovered the powerful impact sound vibrations have on body, mind, and spirit.

Her speciality for creating a safe and peaceful environment fosters self healing and growth by encouraging vulnerability and connectivity. She guides fellow travelers on a sound journey of sacred instruments to unity, openness, and empowerment. Her array of 50 Tibetan singing bowls, crystal quartz bowls, didgeridoo, handpan, bells, chimes and other unique instruments captivate the mind and body.

Zosha continues to seek out holistic healing methods and recently expanded her studies while living abroad in Asia for one year. She dedicated six months of her travels to volunteer in disaster relief in the Philippines and Nepal. Her hope is to spread compassion and love to all people around the world and inspire others to do the same. Her life mission is to serve others and help them reach their best self through generosity, dedication, and the healing power of sound.


Sound Will Heal is dedicated to creating a space of healing, relaxation, and meditation. With the collaboration of various musicians and healers, Zosha strives to stay true to maintaining an  environment inside a 20x20 geodesic dome to ensure a personal intimate experience for all participants.

Sessions begin with a guided meditation to connect her group together on a collective frequency. Zosha utilizes Tibetan and crystal quartz singing bowls, gongs, handpan, didgeridoo, chimes, and other various instruments to take her groups on a journey inward through sound, intention, and breath. An experience with Sound Will Heal is centered around reaching out to others. Love is the intention, sound is the medium, and healing is the art of being still and allowing change to transform us.


I started attending Zosha’s guided imagery and sound healing class at We Love Yoga several months ago. I had yet to try a class like it before. I was pleasantly surprised by the calming effects of the imagery and sound healing. I felt refreshed and energized after the class and slept amazing that night. Zosha uses imagery to guide you to a place of deep relaxation and meditation. She then surrounds your body with sounds and scents. Focusing on just those senses really helped me to stay present and in my meditative state. I was able to set intentions for the week and practice daily meditation to keep my focus clear. I have since attended several of Zosha’s classes and am always pleased. She has a special gift in which her energy creates a safe and peaceful place to shift your own energy. Very powerful class!



Sound healing has been a blessing in all areas of my life, helping me create an inner balance that I have not experienced in other meditative practices. I’m blessed to share such a wonderful healing space with Zosha, she is a dynamic, gifted healer. Sound healing seems to touch every single cell in my body. I always leave a session feeling like I’m floating on air. Thank you, Zosha, for touching me with your spirit, your music, and your heart.